Mark Whiteley Design

Mark Whiteley Design Inspiration

When approached by an old colleague to create branding for his new business, the brief was nearly as tight as the timescale, but the final product was polished to perfection and gave the new business the sophisticated look and feel it needed to slot in right at the top of its intended market.

Inspired by the sea and aiming for the company to be at the top of a bespoke marine industry, a flag from the nautical alphabet fell right into position as the headstone for the business.

Mark Whiteley Design Logo

The task of associating a suitable typeface to an institutionalised signal code flag that has been recognised for decades wasn’t the easiest task, but choosing something modern, sans-serif and refined seemed to be the best choice for this application.

Mark Whiteley Design Business Stationery

Initial creation of a set of business stationery and development work on a single page website set the sails into the wind with the branding of a vast range of media from technical drawings to client presentation documents and much more.

Mark Whiteley Design Business Digital Assets

Digital assets included bespoke branded desktop graphics and relevant email signature graphics.